Why Depression:

Why depression: In our lives at one time or another depression hits us all because we are human beings. We think oftentimes why this happened to me or Why Me!

Depression can usually be normal, but it is only one of the indicators of problems, diseases or so on.

When it turns into Major Depressive disorder, there is an increased Risk of suicide or death in children, School children, the helpless and the elderly people. It can have long lasting effects such as dementia or related Psychosis when unattended.

Couple Therapy:

Stress: Related Depression:

There are individual differences in dealing with stress and stressful situations: As it reveals individual differences in resilience as the result of stress, trauma, and the ability to experience positive and or emotions in times of stress.

Dr. Kaura has successfully dealt with substance abuse, group counseling, family Counseling, domestic violence, and couple in divorce situation often successfully came out of divorced.       

The following services are available as per patients’ needs and requirements such as relevant to patients’ own prescribing the symptoms. Providing psychotherapy services to individuals,

  • couples, and/or families

Pet Therapy:

In order to relieve stress, Anxiety and related depression you may also require an emotional support animal letter which is provided to you should you require one.

This is included in your therapeutic visits because to have a legitimate Support Animal, you must have an Emotional Support (ESA) letter from a licensed mental health professional. Sometimes landlords require a registration or a certificate showing that you do need one for an emotional support dog or cat as may be the case at hand.