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Emotional support letter provided by the expert doctors.

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Mission Statement:

“In Greenville Mental Health Center is committed to help and improve the Mental Health of our patients by providing the best and highest quality of care.” 


Pet Emotional Support Evaluations

Pet therapy is a beautiful interaction between a person and their animal. Mental Health Center provides best pet therapy to help someone recover from or cope with a health problem or mental disorderread more

Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

In Greenville Mental Health Center offers a variety of mental health services in  South Carolina for patients of all ages who are struggling with behavioral and mental health issues…Read More

Individual or Group Psychotherapy

Dr. Manjit Kaura, Founder of Reliant Mental Health Services focuses on challenging and changing negative cognitions behavior and thinking pattern of a person and his difficulties. According to Dr. Kaura, Positive change can be achieved…Read More

Dr. Manjit Kaura, Ph.D, M.S Clinical Psychologist

Providing the highest quality of treatment, backed by a strong commitment of trust in Greenville, SC

Dr. Kaura have successfully taught Crisis Intervention to staff and patients as and when required/ initiate 5150.This has benefitted costs by 30% and encouraged the patents to stay for long term therapeutic care.

Pet Emotional Support Evaluations:

Pet Emotional Support Evaluations: When some one is requiring to have a letter of recommendations to own/keep their pet.

Dr. Kaura is a good listener and a brilliant therapist. Her patients, children and adults feel very confident and secure with her. while sharing their lives and problems. Dr. Manjit Kaura is sensitive, caring and bonding.
Dr. Syed, Asar
Neurology & Psychiatrist

What my clients
say about me

Dr. Kaura has tirelessly worked and helped people in need for special evaluations such as Disability Evaluations, Bariatric Surgery cases and Court Ordered Competency Cases.
Madeleine Lorelei
I feel very proud to have you here in Greenville, SC.Dr. Kaura I come too far but it is worth the driving for me.
Current Patient
Dr. Kaura makes her patients will feel very special. They are blessed to have her. I am thankful of her concern for my welfare.
Online Patient
Dr. Manjit Kaura is a highly skilled and well-known therapist in She has a great depth and breadth of therapeutic experience and a zeal to help her patients
Bakersfield, Kern County, Cafornia.
Licensed Psychologist,

Join Hundreds of Healthy People

  • Cognitive and Psychodynamic approaches.
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Bariatric Evaluations for doctors as and when recommended
  • Learning Disability Evaluations such as Autism and Mental Retardation from ages 6 and up until 18 years.
  • Psychological Testing
  • Forensic Legal Evaluations Such as Sanity/Insanity recommended by the lawyers/Courts, and
  • Pet Emotional Support Evaluations: When some one is requiring to have a letter of recommendations to own/keep their pet.

Additionally, in order to relieve stress, Anxiety and related depression you may also require an emotional support animal letter which is provided to you should you require one.

This is included in your therapeutic visits because to have a legitimate Support Animal, you must have an Emotional Support (ESA) letter from a licensed mental health professional.